Kitten Vaccines: It is recommended that a kittens 1st and 2nd vaccinations (FeLV) are done using the same brand. We stock the following brands;

  • Nobi Vac
  • Purevax



How do I know when my cat is in season?

Cats are like dogs and tend to cycle (come into season) every 6 months. Unlike dogs there are often very little external signs of a cat in season. The signs are meowing, often looks like a stomach pain, spraying, backing up to furniture, walls, and trying to get outside at night. The spaying operation stops all of this and also means no more unwanted pregnancies.

Is milk okay for my cat to drink?

There is no need for a kitten/cat to be ever given milk. Water and dry/wet food is all your cat needs.

However cats do like milk. The problem with milk is it tends to give some cats violent diarrhoea - this is to with Lactose intolerance from cow's milk. There is a specially made "cats milk" that will prevent this.

Why does my cat drink out of puddles, birdbaths, and the shower recess, even when I put nice clean fresh water out every day?

All cats have a favourite source of water because of its taste and smell. Fresh clean water has little taste or smell compared to a birdbath or the metallic taste of a shower recess or a nice muddy puddle. I have clients who have never seen their cat drink despite putting out clean water.

I really don't think it matters as long as your cat gets plenty of water.

Add to this, cats are creatures of habit and will only drink from the favourite watering spot. If you watch wildlife series on TV, watch a lion when it comes to drinking.

This can create a major problem when your cat has a condition (kidney failure/diabetes etc.) when they must drink a lot of water. What happens when the favourite water supply dries up? - this is the one reason for putting out clean water to encourage your cat to have a alternative/back up water source.

Is it cruel to keep my cat indoors?

Depending on how big your house/flat is, probably not. In some countries cats spend most of their lives indoors. Most cats appreciate balconies or getting out into a backyard. Bear in mind cats do need some sunlight, their nails may overgrow without a scratching pole and they are still better off with vaccines as their natural immunity will drop to zero indoors.

How can I tell if my cat is pregnant?

This is difficult even for a vet, unless it is obvious. Ultrasound/x-rays will pick up a pregnancy but not till 3-4 weeks.

How can I tell if my kitten is a boy or a girl?

You need to look/feel for the testicles - ask your vet or nurse to show you.

My male cat keeps spraying around the house, what should I do?

Male and female cats are known to mark (spray) their territory, which is simply putting their scent on the house, walls, furniture, etc. They will do this more than usual if they feel insecure. Castration of male cats at around 6 months of age tends to reduce this. the older the cat the less effective neutering is.

If it is becoming a problem, try and work out what is upsetting your cat - making him/her less stressed. There are pheromone sprays for the wall or furniture but the manufacturers do advise trying to reduce the stress on a cat. There are also tablets that can help.

How old does a cat have to be to get pregnant?

Normally from 7-9 months of age, but it can happen from 3-4 months of age. See neutering/spraying.

How do I stop my cat from bringing home birds, mice and other creatures?

You can't, this is a natural hunting instinct, which is stronger in some cats than others. Some cats simply prefer lizards, moths, birds, etc. to good quality cat food. These cats should be wormed regularly as they tend to pick up worms from these delicacies.

Some cats will "present" their kill to you as a sign of affection.


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